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The Real Estate Investor Credibility Kit

Section 4: How You Calculate Returns

Many readers of your credibility kit may be playing the role of lender, in some fashion or another. As such, you want to be able to briefly show how a lender’s return would be determined in your kit. It is not to suggest that a lender prospect would be unable to do so themselves, as they most certainly will be able to do this. What you want to show is that a lender’s return is important to you and that you have put some thought into this, and that you would be ready and willing to walk them through it if it was a deal in which they were involved.

Even if a reader of your credibility kit is not in a position where they might be a money lender, this section shows some examples of basic numbers that will generally resonate well with someone who is deciding whether or not they think well of you as a business owner.

Example of How You Calculate Returns

Initial Investment: $100,000

Agreed Interest Rate: 8% fixed for up to 12 months, 2% per quarter thereafter

Term of the Loan: 18 months

Total Return (%) 8%+2% for each of two quarters after the first 12 months= 12%

Total Return after 18 Months: 12%*$100,000+$100,000= $112,000

Section 5: The Pro Forma

The pro forma is a document summary of a deal you would present to a funding source, be they a traditional lender or one that is private. While this is listed in the main section of the credibility kit, some of you may choose alternatively to list this in the Appendix, especially if many of your readers are not sources of funding.

You can be as brief or as detailed as you want to be, but the point is to give the reader confidence in your ability to analyze real estate deals. You not only demonstrate the ability to do your homework when evaluating a deal, but also show that you can communicate the value in a deal when you do a good job preparing a pro forma. Readers love to see that you have your act together and a demonstration of what they would experience when working with you is a great way to show this.

As a way to hit some middle ground when building your own credibility kit, you might consider listing this as a section in the main body of your kit, and simply listing what the pro forma would contain if it were “live”. For those kits that are intended for funding sources, the full pro forma could then be included in the Appendix for their reference.

If you would like to see an example of a detailed pro forma to give you a good idea of what types of information you’d want to include in one of your own, please make a request at or in the comment section below.

Section 6: Examples of Advertising

Does your business walk the walk or does it just talk the talk? Readers of your credibility kit may be wondering about this as they are evaluating whether or not they wish to work with you and there’s nothing quite like real examples of marketing or advertising to show them that you are indeed for real. You don’t necessarily need to divulge your overall marketing strategy here but at least show some examples of the different tools and messages that you are sending out there so the reader can see that you are serious about your business and that your message is prone to capture the interest of quality clients and deals. Clients who have come so far as to be reading your credibility kit likely do want to do business with you and they want to feel reassured that you will have some deals to back up what you’ve told them to date.

I am happy to provide examples of advertising. These strategies are essential in getting your phone to ring so you actually have the opportunity to do business with someone and share your credibility kit with others. Please let me know you would like more information on advertising by leaving a comment in the section below.

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