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No Regrets Only Results TV – Episode 5: Do Your Best

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Today's Episode: "Do Your Best"


Can you imagine being Michael Jordan, or Derek Jeter, or any other sports great out there, Mohamed Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice, could you image what it would be like to be that good at something? To be the best at that sport or business or whatever it might be? Well that is what the topic of this No Regrets Only Results Episode will be, "Do Your Best and Let God Do The Rest"!

I always want to surround myself with the best of the best, every single day, and I do my best to do so. This is part of how the No Regrets, Only Results phrase in my life came to be, because I only want to do everything that is going to help me achieve results and be the best. Obviously there's things in life that keep us from being the best (we aren't all born to be a "Michael Jordan" or "Mohamed Ali") but we can do our best to achieve the greatness that we deserve in our lives and that's what this is about!

Don't just live your life by default, live your life by design, with No Regrets, Only Results!


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