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Today's Article: "Buying vs Selling"
There are two parts to your business in real estate investing. There is the buying side and the selling side. What I highly advise you to do is keep them mentally separate. You’re going to have one business, but there are two parts to your business. There are separate steps for each part of it. You should have a separate website, separate marketing flyers, separate phone number, separate call in numbers and everything as well. It needs to be separate.

Before you start worrying about selling, start figuring out how you can buy. You’ve got to buy first and sell second. What I’m going to do is show you how to sell and how to think about selling before you actually have to make the commitment of buying. First you have to make a commitment to buy before you can sell. I’m going to discuss the part of buying properties first because the better you get at buying, the easier it will be for you to sell! This is very important.

There are only two types of buying strategies. No matter what you’ve heard or thought or know, there are only two ways to buy. You’re either going to buy and hold, or you’re going to buy with the intent to hold, or you’re going to buy with the intent to sell, period. That’s it.

Think to yourself, what are you trying to do? If you buy with the intent to sell immediately, you’re probably looking to make some cash flow as quickly as possible. Let’s get paid. That’s probably the main thing that you’re all here for. That’s why I got into this business, I wanted to get paid. That first $40,000 check got me paid, $40,000 in equity wouldn’t have done squat for me. Equity is nothing. Buy and hold is the equity; It’s the long term. You need to be thinking of the buy and hold and if you operate your business as a transaction engineer, you will find plenty of deals to buy and hold along that way while you’re generating cash now.

But those are the two ways. That’s how simple this business is. You’re either going to buy and sell; buy with the intent to sell quickly, or you’re going to buy with the intent to hold.

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