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Today's Article: "FART On It"


When was the last time someone told you to FART on something in your business? Probably never, until now. I was shocked to learn about this technique when I first heard it as well, but once explained to me it makes perfect sense!

The good news is, this FART doesn’t smell!

In your business you are dealt with lots and lots of information on a daily basis. The trick is being able to manage all of the information in a way that allows you to quickly get through it, understand it and then get on with doing what you do best – buy houses! Fart is an acronym for: File, Act, Reroute, Trash.

When I am dealt new information in my business, whether it be mail, or email, or office documents, or notes, or whatever…the way that I get through it is I Fart on it. I either File it away, or Act on it, or Reroute it (I’ll delegate it), or I Trash it…I FART on it.

The stack of papers and files and emails that you have to go through everyday can seem very overwhelming and it can continue to pile up very quickly unless you do something about it. Well, now your solution is simple, humorous, and easy to remember! The quicker that you can FART on all of the information that comes your way, the better off you’ll be as a real estate investor and business owner.

I hope you enjoyed this short article. If so, please let me know!

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