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Locate Buyers for Your Home

Real Estate Investing with Brian Evans Jr.
"Locate Buyers for Your Home"
We’ve spent the last few weeks discussing how to find sellers & handle them properly once you do. Now we have to learn how to sell the property. You can’t make money on a deal until you sell the property!

There are five steps when you buy a home, and five steps when you sell a home. And guess what? The five steps are the exact same! You may be asking yourself if it really is that easy. Your darn right it is. Step number one, locate buyers. Step number two, pre-screen buyers. Step number three, construct and present offers to buyers. Step four, get a commitment from a buyer. Step five, close quickly and let’s cash a big fat check.

Once again, the first step is to locate buyers. Get your phone to ring, period. Looks very familiar doesn’t it? Very familiar. That’s the simplicity of it; but remember I mentioned there’s two sides to this business. There’s the buying side and the selling side. Each side should be kept separate, but the process, systems, and steps are really very similar.

Locating buyers really is the most important step, because without this system for locating leads then you have no business. Using yard signs and area signs are a simple way to locate buyers for a home. Yard signs are obviously signs that go in the yard. Area signs, well, what exactly is an area sign? An area sign is a sign that you’re going to put around the area of the home, around the neighborhood, preferably in busier intersections if you can, but around the neighborhood semi-close to where that property is.

We don’t use anything fancy when making these signs. We use the yellow corrugates signs and write what we want to say with a Sharpie poster paint marker. Go to Michael’s, or any other arts and crafts store and get a big, fat paint marker. A Sharpie doesn’t do it. I tell you to use a paint marker, because it’s going to stay on there a lot better. It’s a lot thicker. Sharpie just doesn’t cut it.

The only point of your marketing is to get your phone to ring. You’re not selling these properties with these signs. You don’t have to be explicit. These are USPs on these signs, unique selling propositions.

Here are some examples of what we will put on our signs: “Home for sale, come and see me, phone number.” “I’m pretty. I’m sexy. Home for sale. No banks needed.”

Have a little bit of fun with your signs. Don’t be boring. Don’t be like everyone else. The reason why these work is because they’re not boring. They grab your attention. If it’s a professionally printed sign, it’s going to cost you a whole lot more and you will get less calls.

If you want to spend more and get less, go ahead and get them printed professionally. If you want to spend less and get more, do it how I tell you to do it just like this.

When you put out yard signs, it should look like there’s a circus coming to town. Not just one yard sign. Everything should be handwritten. You’ll get three to one the amount of calls with a handwritten sign than you will with a professionally printed sign. That’s the point.

There are also other ways to market for buyer leads. Use your investor buyer’s list. You can call other investor buyer leads saying you have a house for sale if it’s an investor type of property. List the home with a realtor.

Try doing some neighborhood mailings. There are lots of mailing services that will actually just do a postcard mailing or a neighborhood mailing to a specific zip code or area or demographic within the neighborhood of your area. Find a mailing house and do that. It’s very cheap. They can either print the postcards or you can just use a generic postcard that you want.

Have someone put up neighborhood door flyers. Get attention. Yard signs will work better than anything else, but if you’re struggling getting your phone to ring on other things, then use these other options. Be creative.

The sky is the limit when you are trying to market for buyers! Just remember to be creative and find ways to set yourself apart from others. The main thing you are trying to accomplish with your marketing is to get your phone to ring!


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