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The Best Time to Invest in Real Estate

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Today's Article: "The Best Time to Invest in Real Estate"
When is the best time to invest in real estate? Right now, yesterday, two years ago, in college, right now! You may be starting later than you wish you would have, but it doesn’t matter just start, start, start, start. You need to forget what the media says, what you hear, and what you think you know about this business. You do not know anything about this business right now. You will know everything you need to know if you let me teach you, I promise!

Forget all the crap; the economy’s in the tank and everything is just difficult, but it doesn’t matter. Those are people that don’t know anything about what it takes to do this business. Those are people who see house prices dropping, they see interest rates changing, they see people losing jobs and unemployment is high, so obviously real estate isn’t working. They compare their real estate market. Those trends which don’t matter, those are conventional trends where they compare that with the stock market trends.

No, you have got to get out of that mind frame of conventional wisdom. Everything I teach and talk about is training you to be an entrepreneur. It’s about being unconventional. It’s about doing things that allow you to make money as quickly as possible with the lowest risk and that’s it. That way you can live your life of no regrets only results or whatever it is that you want to do with the money you make!

When you invest the right way, you’re going to set yourself up to be a transaction engineer. A lot of people try to teach you how to be real estate investor, how to make money in wholesales, short sales, subject to, seller finance, whatever.  I will teach you how to be a transaction engineer.

You need to know how to look at any type of deal and determine how you can make money with that deal, period. There’s not one focus. You must be able to know how to do all types of properties. I’ve done every type of deal you can imagine; subject to, short sale, seller finance, option, lease option, invested in my IRA, wholesale, retail, rehabs (which are not my favorite, my least favorite). You need to be a transaction engineer!

Here’s what real estate investing is not. If you buy a property hoping it will appraise sometime in the future, that is not an investing strategy. That’s death on a stick and it’s not going to work.

You want to make money on the day you buy or know how to turn that property into money very quickly thereafter or it’s not a deal. You must be able to buy property thinking you can profit from that deal immediately. If the property appraises it while you own it, that’s just a bonus. While it’s appraising, if it is appraising or if it’s declining doesn’t matter, because you’re going to buy the property based on the math of the deal. If it appraises, great. If it doesn’t, so what? You have to do this business based on what you control, not on forces that you don’t control, such as the market conditions.

I know this is a lot of information to take in, but hopefully it excites you as much as it does me when I talk about it! Real estate investing truly can lead you in a life of No Regrets Only Results if you know what you are doing! If you are one of the many investors that find yourself only working one or two types of real estate deals, then contact me and let’s discuss how I can help you become a transaction engineer as well!

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