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What to Say Seller Scripts


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"What to Say Seller Scripts"

Take a look at some ideas on how I conduct calls when I am talking to a seller:

  • “Hi, this is Brian, I'm calling you back about your house on 123 Main Street. Do you have a few minutes to talk? Great. Well, the first question I have for you is what do you think the house would appraise for if I had it appraised?”   Do you have any idea?” Okay, then, “What do you ask for the house?”   “Does it need any repairs? What’s your reason for selling? Do you have a mortgage on the home? If so, what are the payments?” 

Notice that the first thing I ask a seller is if they have time to talk.  This shows respect by letting them know you can call back at a later time when they will have a few minutes to talk.  I also want to make sure they are focused on our conversation and not whatever else may be going on at that time.  My second question gets straight to the point.  Notice that I'm not asking the seller to tell me about their house or asking how long they have lived there because all that stuff doesn’t matter. If you allow a seller to tell you everything about their house, they’re going to tell you how beautiful it is, the flower garden they put in, the fence they just built, the room they just painted, and this stuff doesn’t matter.  Next I like to ask the seller what they're asking for the home because this lets me know if there is a spread.  Finally, the remaining information tells me what type of offer to make.  Determining this will take some practice.

  • “Well, I have a few ideas in mind on how I can buy your house. First of all, I want you to know that I am an investor. I have to find some way to make a profit. Otherwise, there’s no reason for me to get involved. I'm sure you can understand that.” 

Be honest with these sellers when you're on the phone.  Your results will be a lot better if you're just forward about it, not in a rude way, but just straight to the point.  Here is another example for you:

  • “Hi John, you called on my ad, and you probably know that I don’t plan on living in your house, correct? Well, I'm looking to make a profit on your house, and I will do that. Hopefully, that will get you what you want and give me what I want. My profit will come from my new buyer or tenant. And I'm sure you can understand that if I don’t make a profit, there’s no reason for me to get involved.”
So these are some things to say to get into the seller’s head, to break the ice, to control the conversation. I highly recommend you to record your conversations when you’re talking to sellers. Put your phone on speaker, put your computer laptop on, and press the record button on your record program and record that conversation, and listen to it over and over and over. Listen to it so you hear how silly you sound, until you know how to not sound that way anymore.

For me, when I talk to a seller, I get into a zone. So by doing it now, I'm not talking to a seller; it’s not focused. These are some scripts that I've created for myself and for you guys to help you find what works for you and say how you want to say it. You can modify these to be your own. It needs to sound like it’s coming from you, not as though you're reading it on a paper. It must be fluid when you talk about it.

Another question is, “How much are you looking to get out of this thing?” These are basic conversation questions. Just remember you're having a conversation. If there’s anything about prescreening sellers, I would say, is just have a conversation.

Next week, I plan to take this article one step further by explaining the magic words you should always fall back on when talking to sellers. I promise it’s something you will not want to miss!


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