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Brian Evans is one of the highest paid real estate investing consultants in America due to his unique ability to help aspiring investors close their first real estate deal quickly and future deals consistently with easy to follow step-by-step systems that create millionaires. 

Everyone has a unique life story to share – but initially, Brian’s looked to be made up of constant childhood fear, and painful adjustment to new environments and people.  He was born in Kentucky but moved to a different state every few years as a result of his father’s job.  Growing up, his homes have been in Kentucky, Utah, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, and even Montreal. Instead of succumbing to the fear of a new school and new home every few years during his childhood, he learned to accept and embrace the challenge and always made the best out of each new situation.  This challenge of having to learn how to meet new people and make new friends during childhood has had a direct impact on why Brian is so successful now in communicating his message to new people each and every day who want to live their life to the absolute fullest; financially, mentally, and physically, no matter what type of life they have lead in the past. Instead of letting fear, excuses, and conventional wisdom run his life and script his future, Brian decided in his early twenties to take control of his own destiny and write his own playbook, chapter by chapter – and by 28 he was a millionaire. 

In the years since his story continues to heighten.  He is now a 2-time best selling author, cutting edge real estate investing expert, and nationally renowned mentor, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Only one year after experiencing the pain and agony of a Corporate America job out of college, and on Wall St. no less, Brian decided to leave and follow his entrepreneurial instinct and soon found his passion, and excitement, in creative real estate investing.  Nearly a decade ago, Brian closed his first real estate investment deal which netted him $42,678 and wouldn’t have been possible if not for doing three simple things: (1) Following his instincts (2) Getting proper advice from the right mentor, and (3) Acting on his instincts and applying his new knowledge. The mentorship experience and closing his first deal is what Brian refers to as his transformation. This initial surge of income ultimately justified his belief in this business and gave him the explosion of new confidence that took him from ordinary to extraordinary.

According to Brian, “I believe that everyone with a heartbeat is looking for or should be looking for this same type of transformation that I experienced in my early days.  This transformation, although rarely known how to get or what to do, is the “reason why” people look for and believe in opportunities.  The good news is, this transformation is right here for anyone that truly wants it and is willing to do whatever it takes until they get it.  Knowing this, the foundation of my beliefs, systems, and insider secrets are all centered around helping people achieve their own transformation in life as quickly as humanly possible through the exponential and creative leverage of real estate investing!” Since his initial transformation, Brian has gone on to invest in hundreds of real estate deals (residential and commercial) and consistently brings home 7 figure profits for his family without using his money or credit.  Brian continues to own and operate one of the most successful private real estate investing companies in the country, and has vowed to never stop investing full time, so long as he is mentoring other members to follow in his footsteps.  According to Brian, “real estate investing is an ever changing and evolving business, and therefore everything I teach will always come from current real life ‘I know it works because I’m doing it’ experience!

Brian is ecstatically married to his 7th grade sweetheart, first kiss, and soul mate Danielle; has a son, Ryder Cash; and lives in a gorgeous 8,000 sq ft. 25 acre Million Dollar Estate in Lexington, on the Kentucky River.  He is an immersed Christian, believer in constant new opportunity, personal accountability and responsibility, win-win relationships, consistent and immense investment in personal entrepreneurial improvement, and an extremely hard worker with a country boy heart. Brian has without a doubt “cracked the code” and personally perfected his methods for real estate investing success and proudly shares his No Regrets Only Results® secrets for life and entrepreneurship with only the most serious members from all over the world – and he can help you, too! 

As president and founder of No Regrets Only Results®, LLC; a personal achievement and entrepreneurial training & mentoring company, Brian will help you discover your personal transformation and write the next chapters in your life story as well!

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