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 By Accessing this member site, you agree to the following:  Non Disclosure Agreement
Non Disclosure Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement
The Company is acting as an expert advising the Recipient on how to creatively invest in real estate  – and for that purpose the Company will make certain Confidential Information available to the Recipient (the “Purpose”).
Recipient agrees that all information disclosed by the Company to Recipient relating to the Company’s prototypes, samples, technical data, trade secrets, research, products, product plans, inventions, processes, discoveries, formulas, concepts, ideas, designs, drawings, marketing plans, distribution methods, financial information and other data shall be considered “Confidential Information” and subject to copyright laws under Kentucky jurisdiction.
Recipient Further Agrees to the Following:
1.     Recipient agrees all confidential information learned is only for the benefit of THIS relationship between the Company and the Recipient and this confidential information will not be shared or disclosed for the benefit of any third party relationship of any form including but not limited to oral, written graphic, and electronic unless such rights are specifically granted in writing by the Company.   
2.     Recipient agrees not to sell any ideas from this relationship in any form including but not limited to oral, written, graphic and electronic.
3.     Recipient agrees not to record any audio, video or text during any live discussions under any circumstances.
4.     This Agreement shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Kentucky.