Yellow Letters

Your letters will look exactly like Brian's (see above) but they will be customized to the handwriting of you or your letter person.
To Order Your CUSTOM Yellow Letters with Envelopes:
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You’ll discover (if you haven’t already) that mailing these yellow letters will be your number one method for generating seller leads. 

 Your yellow letters will look EXACTLY like the yellow letters that Brian sends out and in the EXACT same “invitation style” envelope.

Your letters will be customized directly to YOU.  (I suppose you could even modify the printed text that is on your letters if you want, but why fix something that isn’t broke…right?) 
 Choose the Option Below that is best for you. 
500 Units (Letters & Envelopes):  $430.19 (plus $29.00 s&h)
Price Per Unit:  $.86
1,000 Units (Letters & Envelopes):  $474.11 (plus $49.00 s&h)
Price Per Unit:  $.47
2,500 Units (Letters & Envelopes):  $577.50 (plus $88.00 s&h)
Price Per Unit: $.23
After you place your order be sure to check your email and follow the step-by-step instructions so that we can complete the customization and printing of your letters ASAP. 
 Average turn around time once we get what we need from you after checkout is approximately 7-10 days.  Usually faster.
 If you have any questions, please submit a help ticket at
 I guarantee you'll be blown away by the look and response you'll get from using our Yellow Letters!  Not to mention the time you'll save!
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