Phase 1

Training Instructions Get You Trained (30 Day Process)
NOTE: Please be aware that ITEMS IN RED REQUIRE ACTION from you!
You have 30 days to complete your training, which entails devouring Infinite Real Estate Profits.  When you finish and feel you know the material inside and out, you will be taking a test to confirm you are ready for Phase 2.  When you complete the course, please send us a quick note at to let us know that you finished and are ready to take your test.  A simple – ‘Hey Brian, I finished the course and I’m ready to take the test’ will do, don’t forget to provide your name and email address.   A link to take the test will then be emailed to you. During Phase 1, we will hold some group calls to answer any questions about your training and/or the material you are studying.  These calls will be scheduled according to Brian’s availability. You will be grouped with a select number of individuals based on when you joined Partnership Profits.  The calls will be less than 1 hour long.
You are REQUIRED (within reason of course) to attend and participate in our weekly group calls on Tuesdays (unless notified otherwise).  We will send you a reminder email with the time and NEW call in details the day before each call
     On these calls Brian will answer any and all questions that have been submitted by you and your peers ahead of time as well as LIVE Q&A during the call.
     Submit all questions throughout the week at our support desk:

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of Phase 1:
     A suggestion would be to first make a plan for how many of the sections in the course you can realistically digest in a week’s time.  Then, stick to it.
     Be consistent in the time and place you study. 
     Don’t attempt to multi-task by popping in one of the CDs at the same time you are trying to balance your checkbook.  Dedicate your attention to learning the materials.
     Don’t just “read” the material or just “watch” the CDs.  Be diligent in taking notes on all the material – write down thoughts, questions, and ideas that any of the information prompts from you.  It’s even a good idea to write down what you may struggle to implement, so you can get further help on the group calls.
     Take the manuals with you when you are on the go – you never know when you will have some down time just to review, look over or whatever.  The more time spent on the material, the more you will retain.  Repetition of the material is key!
     Be prepared for the group calls.  Set aside time for the call in a quiet place where you can concentrate, there will be lots of discussion and you don’t want to miss any of it!  Have pen and paper ready, your questions ready and take lots of notes.  You will probably learn more from other people’s questions than your own.
     Don’t feel like you are missing out on deals just because you are taking the time to learn and educate yourself.  Right now, it is more important to learn how to invest the right way, so you can get out there and be smart in making killer money.  It’s only 30 days; the deals will always present themselves when you know where to look!  Now is the time to make your ax razor sharp so when we start to chop down the tree (aka, close deals) it will be much easier.
     Please know that your success is priority.  If you have questions regarding the material, please be on the group call.  Brian runs a thriving, active real estate business as well, which is awesome and also means he and his team are very busy.  Questions during Phase 1 will be primarily answered on the group calls.  If you have an emergency, please use the site and one of Brian’s team members will be in touch with you.  Please respect this and know that within 24 -48 hours you will receive a response.

 You are going to be amazed at the benefits that will come from this business.  That’s why it’s important to follow these instructions and really take to heart all the insights Brian shares with you.  The exciting world of real estate investing will soon have a top-notch, smart investor who knows how to get the deals done – YOU!  You are on a journey of a lifetime, friend. Now, hit the books!  P.S.  Here’s a quick sneak peek of what comes after Phase 1…….. Phase 2:  Get Your Business Systems Set Up (30 Day Process)Phase 3:  Flip The Switch (Starts on Day 61)