Phase 2

Set Up Instructions Get Your Business Systems Set Up (30 Day Process)
NOTE: Please be aware that ITEMS IN RED REQUIRE ACTION from you!
Phase 2 begins on day 31 of Partnership Profits, or AFTER as you have completed the phase 1 training AND passed the test.  This is an exciting part of the program because we help you set up your business and you get to put all your training into action!  There are 5 Steps to getting you set up:
1.     Websites for buying and selling
2.     Phone numbers for buying and selling
3.     Fax number & business address
4.     CRM for lead management
5.     Marketing materials for lead generation 

Step 1: Websites for buying and selling

     First Go Here to watch the video on picking domains name BEFORE you buy them.
     Purchase two website names (domain names) at  One website will be what sellers see, and the other website will be what buyers see.  For example: is one of our sites that sellers see AND is one of our sites that buyers see.
     Please, don’t stress about the technical side of this, it’s really very simple.  If you have problems let us know and we’ll help out.   

 Step 2: Phone numbers for buying and selling
     Set up your phone system for taking incoming calls.  See pg 44-48 for setting up your system for seller calls.  See pg 130-132 for setting up your SEPARATE number system for buyer calls (this would require you to have a separate gmail account to do so). 
     I would recommend using the FREE system (Google Voice) for your phone systems before you jump in and use Pat Live right away.  I personally use PAT Live to take calls from sellers, and Google Voice to take calls from buyers.  The choice is yours.
     If you have problems let us know and we’ll help out.

Step 3: Fax Number & Business Address

     You’ll be using fax very frequently as a real estate investor and therefore you need to have a fax number (1 is fine).  In my business we have an account with for all our faxes, or you can use an regular fax machine.
     It is very important that you have a designated business address for what you are doing.  I recommend setting up UPS box store address!  P.O. Box is not beneficial because when you mail letters to people, they will know that it is coming from a business and your responses will be much less.  Whatever you decide, don’t use your home address.
 Once you have completed Steps 1-3 above GO HERE to fill out a short form that sends us the required info on your business:
     Two domain names
     Log in details for (username and password)
     Phone number that sellers will call
     Phone number that buyers will call
     Fax number
     Business mailing address

Step 4: CRM For Lead Management

     Upon your completion of the Assignment above, we will now be setting up your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to manage your seller leads and your buyer leads.
     We will send you your private log in details to this back office system once we have completed setting it up for you.    
     The CRM Brian and his team provides is called My Client Dashboard and you’re going to love it! 
     The purpose of this CRM is to allow you to manage, keep track of, and communicate with all of your buyer and seller leads, as well as all contacts you have in this business (ex: realtors, wholesale investor buyers, attorneys, title companies, private lenders, etc) 
     Once you get your log in details or this CRM, being immediately watching all the tutorial videos on how to use it.  The videos will explain everything for you.
     Of course, we can answer questions, but most of the learning you will need to experience first hand just by playing with the system and getting familiar with all its great functions and capabilities.
Watch the following video to see how you should use the "My Client Dashboard" system for real estate investing:
  Step 5: Marketing Materials for lead generation
There are three types of marketing materials that you need to get:
     (1) Business Cards (refer to pg. 37 manual for example)  We buy ours at
     (2) Ugly Handwritten letters printed (refer to pg. 29 in manual for example).  We get our letters printed in bulk from a local printer.  If you want to use our printer let us know and we’ll help.
     (3) Plain Yellow 18”x24” corrugated signs.  We buy ours from
You are REQUIRED (within reason of course) to attend and participate in our weekly group calls on Tuesdays (unless notified otherwise).  We will send you a reminder email with the time and NEW call in details the day before each call
     On these calls Brian will answer any and all questions that have been submitted by you and your peers ahead of time as well as LIVE Q&A during the call.
     Submit all questions throughout the week at our support desk:

In Conclusion to Phase 2 Instructions, please remember that this Phase is all about getting your business set up to SUCCEED and use all the real estate training you now possess in an organized manner to make money.  This is a business and you need to treat it as such.  Don’t let this part of the business intimidate you; it’s just a system that you control.  These systems will keep you on top of your main goal and focus:  closing BIG deals! Please complete the five steps in order. Let’s Rock!Brian  P.S.Next Up: Phase 3:  Flip The Switch (Starts on Day 61, or sooner if you can get your business info to us quickly)!