Phase 3

Flip The Switch 
ATTENTION NEW PHASE 3 MEMBERS:  Listen to the following Training Audio before you do anything that is related to Phase 3:
NOTE: Please be aware that ITEMS IN RED REQUIRE ACTION from you!
Phase 3 begins on day 61 of Partnership Profits, or as soon as you have completed Phase 1 & 2.  This is a very exciting time for our relationship because now the goal is to flip the switch and close your first 10 deals together and split the net profit of each deal 50/50!
I'm proud of you.  You have done a very good job so far!  But there is still much to do.  You are officially trained and your business is set up to allow you to function with solid marketing and systems in place! 
Here is an outline on how Phase 3 will function:
1.  You are REQUIRED to complete a weekly report on your business. 
     Your weekly reports are due EVERY MONDAY by 9AM EASTERN TIMEBottom line, I want to make sure that when I come in to my office on Mondays that I can review the numbers of your business just like I review the numbers in my business.   
     We will send reminder emails for this task to help, but it is your responsibility to make sure to complete this.
     You should have received a private invitation to access your weekly report template from the email address: with a subject line that says: "Your Name – WAR Spreadsheet."  If you didn't receive it, then be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folder.  You'll have to click on the link in that email to open the document and log in using your gmail account in order to view your private WAR Spreadsheet.
     If you still haven't received this email within 24 hours, please submit a ticket at and let us know.
This Video explains how the weekly report should be filled out:
2.  You are REQUIRED (within reason of course) to attend and participate in our weekly group calls on Tuesdays (unless notified otherwise).  We will send you a reminder email with the time and NEW call in details the day before each call
       On these calls Brian will answer any and all questions that have been submitted by you and your peers ahead of time as well as LIVE Q&A during the call.  
     Submit all questions throughout the week at our support desk:
3.  You are allowed to have direct 1-on-1 phone access aka "Deal Calls" as needed and NOT TO BE ABUSED PLEASE.
     These calls will be with Brian's Team or Brian, as needed (not to be abused) to answer specific deal related questions.  FYI, General questions (aka, non deal specific) should be addressed on the weekly group calls. 
     You must schedule your "Deal Calls" at least one day in advance.
     GO HERE to Check our availability and to schedule your "Deal Calls."
     This system of scheduling your call with us must always be utilized and respected to keep proper organizatin and offer the best support to your deal flow needs.
4.  When one of your deals becomes close to closing we refer to this as a “High Priority Deal” and we may reach out to you personally to help ensure its success.  This type of outbound correspondence by us to you when initiated by Brian or his staff is the only exception to the rule of scheduling calls unless we provide you with other instructions for communicating with us in order to close these “High Priority Deals.” 
 5.  This partnership agreement is a commitment of your first 10 completed deals whereas the NET Profit per individual deal will be split 50/50 between you and the Company.  Example: Property purchased for $100k and sold for $150k equals a Gross profit of $50k less approximate closing costs of $750.00 for the purchase and $750.00 for the sale equals a NET PROFIT OF $48,500.  This NET profit is the amount that will be split equally with you receiving $24,250 and the Company receiving $24,250.  For further clarification, the only costs that can be deducted from the gross profit of each individual deal are the relevant closing costs shown on the Hud-1 Settlement statement for the property purchase and property sale.     
 6.  The definition of a completed deal is any deal type that produces a cash profit from a purchase and cash out sale.  Any property that is purchased and sold on terms will not be considered a completed deal until title has changed hands to a third party in an Arms Length Transaction.  Example: if a property were sold on a lease option, we would each receive half of the non-refundable option deposit, half of the monthly cash flow, and half of the backend equity when the lease option buyer exercises the option to cash us out. 
7.  If at anytime after 6 months from your initial acceptance into this program Brian feels that you are not holding up to our agreement for any reason whatsoever, he reserves the right to terminate this agreement with a 30-day notice.  The only recourse by either party is time already served.  No monies will be refunded. 
It is further understood as follows:By participating in this program you acknowledge that no guarantees expressed or implied concerning specific results to be achieved via participation are or will be given.  Recipient also acknowledges that NO advice and information provided via this program is to be considered as substitute for legal, accounting, tax or other similar professional advice or services, and should such advice or services be appropriate, participant is advised to seek such advice or service from the proper professional.  Recipient agrees to forever hold harmless No Regrets Only Results, LLC; and Brian Evans and his employees, and all other associations for any reason whatsoever.  Any and all customer support inquiries should be directed to: or 859-309-1714 or 3070 Lakecrest Circle 400-260 Lexington, KY 40513
This is a VERY EXCITING TIME for both of us!  I look forward to working with you and closing deals!